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 Question of the Week

In today's gospel Jesus speaks of his gift of "peace".
How do you use this gift to bring peace to others?


Office Hours
 Monday through Thursday 8:30AM to 3:30PM

We can also be reached by email at or by calling the office at 585-964-8627 and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

This Week at SEAS

Wednesday, May 18th ~ St. John I
               NO 9:00AM Mass
                  5:30PM Mass
                  7:00PM Cantor Practice
Thursday, May 19th
                  9:00AM Mass –Special Intention—Judith Sundstrom
Friday, May 20th ~ St. Bernardine of Siena                
  5:30PM Mass -Mass Intention-Arthur and Lillian Hildman
Saturday, May 21st
                4:00 –4:45PM Reconciliation
                5:00PM Mass -Mass Intention-Arthur and Lillian Hildman
Sunday, May 22nd ~ 6th Sunday of Easter
Acts 15:1-2, 22-29, Revelation 21:10-14, 22-23, John 14:23-29
               9:30AM Mass - Mass Intention - Terrence Semrau
Monday, May 23rd
                  NO 9AM Mass
                  7:00PM Mass
                  7:30PM Pastoral Council Meeting
Tuesday, May 24th
               NO 9AM Mass
                  5:30PM Mass -Mass Intention-Arthur and Lillian Hildman

Wednesday, May 25th
               9:00AM Mass—Special Intention—Judith Sundstrom
                7:00PM Cantor Practice
Confirmation Celebration at Sacred Cathedral at 7:00PM

Thursday, May 26th—Ascension of the Lord
                 9:00AM Mass
                 7:00PM Mass -Mass Intention-Arthur and Lillian Hildman
Friday, May 27th
                  5:30PM Mass
Saturday, May 28th
                4:00 –4:45PM Reconciliation
                5:00PM Mass -Mass Intention-Nick Firino
Sunday, May 29th ~ 7th Sunday of Easter
Acts 7:55-60, Revelations 22:12-14, 116-17, 20, John 17:20-26
               9:30AM Mass - Mass Intention - Michael McDermott


 Masks are optional for all who are fully vaccinated.
If you are not fully vaccinated we ask that you please wear a mask.  Thank You!

SEAS Mission Statement

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish is an evolving Roman Catholic Community dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of those in our parish and the surrounding area.  We gather in worship where all are welcome around the table of the Eucharist to be nourished by the Word of God, the Sacraments, and one another so that in our lives we may recognize and use our gifts with joyful creativeness.  As the body of Christ, we are committed to nourishing the spiritual life and well being of ourselves and one another, especially those in need.


Welcome to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish!
We have a history of over 25 years of service that continues today and one that we can be proud of.  Our faith community has been a source of strength and life for so many people; yet, there is much that challenges us to find new ways to serve the needs of the People of God and the society in which we live.  We continually need to commit ourselves to the future and to ways of making our faith alive and growing. 
A community can only give what its members make possible.  Miracles and wonders can happen because we are a community and not just individuals, and so what we share is a fuller expression of faith and love.
Welcome, again, and may God bless you and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.
Rev. John F. Gagnier

2022 Time Talent and Treasure

Time and Talent

  Think about where you can use your time and talents to help the Parish Family.   Time and Talent Sign ups started in January 2022.  A link to the Time and Talent Form is below.
The Treasure Commitment requests will be available in the Spring. 
Please call the office if you have any questions.
All our Committees and Ministries invite you to share your time and talent with us here at SEAS.  Check out the opportunities for you and your family to get more involved

Click here for Ministry Descriptions

 2022 Time and Talent Sign up Sheet

Treasure Card

Annual Treasure Commitment Weekend. 
We ask all parishioners to prayerfully consider how they can help financially support the Parish of SEAS, our Ministries, our Mission.  We will use these results to create our 2022-2023 Budget plan.

Treasure Commitment forms - Click Here!


Faith Education Classes, Sacramental
Preparation, and Youth Ministry
Call the Office for more information  964-8627

Reminder that if your child wishes to prepare for Sacraments they must attend Faith Education Class for at least one year prior to preparing for Reconciliation and First Eucharist.  Our Confirmation program is a two year program open to youth who are in 8th grade or older.  Please call the office if you have any questions.
  Registration forms are available at the links below.


Registration Form for K-5th Grade, Jr. High, and Sacamental Preparation - Click Here!

Here is a Link to the Diocese of Rochester's
Family Zone Newsletter - Click Here
Each week during the Summer there will be information and ideas to be used at Home with your family - young and not so young.


Including the Passion Play of Oberammergau

12 DAYS: AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 3, 2022

Visiting: Berlin * Dresden * Prague * Ĉeský Krumlov *Vienna * Salzburg * Munich


Click Here for Brochure 



11 DAYS: MAY 1 - 11, 2023



Click Here for Italy & Amalfi Brochure

Association of U.S. Catholic Priests
The AUSCP was founded in 2011 by 27 priests and has sprung into the largest association of Catholic priests (almost 1200) in the United States.  With supportive lay Friends (150), we stand on the vision and values of the Gospel and Church teaching as exemplified in Vatican II and Pope Francis.  We raise a prophetic and inclusive voice of compassion in church and society as Jesus did.
Click on the Link below to read more about the AUSCP and possibly become a Lay Friend. 

* Association of U.S. Catholic Priests - AUSCP -


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