Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 
3747 Brick Schoolhouse Road 
P.O. Box 149
Hamlin, NY 14464

All Are Welcome!

                  Finance Council 

The Finance Council is one of 9 standing committees at SEAS. It provides the parish family, as well as its Pastoral Council, committees, and staff, with the pertinent financial data for joint administrative decisions necessary for the present and future parish operations and goals. 


 The Finance Council meets monthly to:

** Review parish financial reports (provided by the Accountant)
** Discuss variances between actual expenses and budget in all areas of operation
** Suggest appropriate actions, policies, and procedures to better increase and safeguard parish assets

Subcommittees of the Finance Council are:
           Planned Giving/Development 

New members are welcome - as are comments and suggestions. Please contact the parish office at 964.8627 or questions

Do You Use Online Banking Services?

You can contribute to SEAS via Bill Pay! Once you set up the recurring transaction  (including your parishioner number), your check will automatically be sent to  SEAS (PO Box 149, Hamlin, NY 14464) every  week or month. There’s no cost to you for postage or paper checks, and  you’ll never have to remember to bring your checkbook and/or envelope to church,  or calculate make-up amounts when you’ve been away. If you have any questions,  please contact the Office or your bank.
Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow Envelopes

Have you ever wondered about those colored collection envelopes? Any donations in pink envelopes are deposited to a restricted fund to be used for building maintenance, and any donations in yellow envelopes are deposited into a restricted fund to be used by the Garden Club for landscaping.  Donations in blue envelopes are deposited into a restricted fund to be used by the Haiti HOPE Committee. Donations in  green envelopes will be used to pay our Catholic School Subsidy. (If you don't receive envelopes, you can always make a much-appreciated donation to any of these funds by simply marking your check "building maintenance," “Haiti HOPE” “Catholic School” or "landscaping.")
Just a Reminder

ALL Checks for special collections (e.g. Haiti, Campaign for Human Development and other diocesan causes, etc) or donations (Rice Bowl, visiting missionaries, etc) should be made out to “SEAS” with a note on the memo line specifying where the money should be directed. SEAS deposits the money, then forwards one check to each designation or organization.  You will receive credit for your donation on your end-of-year contribution statement from SEAS.  Thank you.




If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. 
                       - Antoine de Saint-Exupery






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